Performance Coaching

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Patrick is running a performance coaching program for young entrepreneurs. Read about the program‘s content in his own words:

I work with founders to support them in reaching their full potential. Not just for the business, but for them personally as well: In health, relationships and productivity.

Specific coaching areas


Since I have started working with other founders, fundraising has been one of the most requested topics in our coaching sessions. Together we work on fundraising strategies, investor communications and the legal questions around raising a successful round.

Personal development

Building a startup is a personal discovery engine, as my friend Dennis nicely puts it. I support founders in managing their way through what can be the most demanding and rewarding phase of their lives while growing not just the business, but their personality as well.

Health, mindfulness and performance

I strongly believe that performance for any business comes from within the team working on it. In our coaching sessions, we make sure to spend a large amount of time looking into topics like health, mindfulness and sport to create a balance for the demanding founder lifestyle.

Interested in joining my coaching program?
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Testimonial - Felix Haas

Felix (23) from Berlin

"When I booked my first coaching session with Patrick, I needed clarity in my next steps. I didn’t know whether I was pursuing the right career path and I also had quite a lot of personal challenges that I was confronted with. Patrick used relevant real-life examples from his own personal life to help me understand how I can manage and improve my current state of living. With his exceptional leadership skills, he was able to guide me towards a path that I now feel very comfortable with. I am grateful for his valuable advice and can only recommend his coaching sessions."

Testimonial - Gabriel Neher

Gabriel (24) from Berlin

"Patrick has mentored us during our Accelerator Phase. Through his coaching I have learned to focus on the really relevant tasks and to approach my next product decision analytically. He is a very experienced founder with a strong user focus. He has taught me that excellent product integration come from a deep understanding of the user's needs, combined with an equally deep understanding of what is possible right now. He combines this product understanding with the ability to always leave enough freedom to find solutions on your own. He helps you to understand what to do next, but lets you figure out how to do it on yourself. These skills make him not only a strong founder, but also a very good coach."

Testimonial - Ben

Ben (23) from Berlin

"Patrick helped us extremely, especially through his neutral and overall view of the picture. He helped us to focus on the more fundamental things. For example, instead of thinking about how to implement a certain product functionality, he made us investigate whether it should be implemented in the first place. He made it easy for us to "zoom out" and look at the macro level and see which puzzle pieces need to be inserted first to get the big picture right. In retrospect, his coaching is something that will probably accompany us throughout our entire product management career, especially by implementing the learnings from the book INSPIRED more actively."

Testimonial - Felix Schmidt

Felix (25) from Berlin

"As a solo-founder during the pandemic, I started with coaching sessions from Patrick when I was already deeply involved in the founding process. (so I thought).

Coming from a CS background and only having had minor business experience before, Patrick gave me some much needed clear sight and structure on how to go from just building software to really going all the way through the founding process and coming up with the proper strategy.

I especially admired his oversight when I was way too involved with minor things. He always seemed to have the right, tough questions and helped me proritize to get me and my venture to the next stage.

Through him I also became strongly involved with product and seeing myself as the product manager I already was but didn’t know about it (and how to be a better one).

In the end Patrick helped me going through some major pivots.
I am extremely thankful for having worked with him!
I’d describe him as smart, organized and driven.
From my point of view that’s what you want from a coach, I’d highly recommend him!"